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TNA IMPACT WRESTLING: Bound For Glory PPV Results 10/14/2012

Bound For Glory PPV Results: New Heavyweight Champion, Aces & 8s shocker and more!

Bound for Glory 2012 began with raucous entrances from both Rob Van Dam and TNA X Division Champion Zema Ion, but the champ was quickly thrown from the ring by a series of high kicks from RVD. Zema Ion then unleashed a DDT that RVD will still be feeling in the morning. The X Division lived up to its name as the crowd chanted "TNA," with Ion flying over the top of the ring to knock RVD into the front row. Back in the ring, the two competitors exchanged headlocks while RVD tried to rally support. After an incredible flying dropkick, followed by a Rolling Thunder and Five star frog splash, RVD captured the TNA X Division Championship.Click to enlarge image 1l.jpeg Click to enlarge image 1r.jpeg

Reigning TNA Television Champion Samoa Joe brought his patented focus to the Bound for Glory stage against title challenger and former tag team partner Magnus. After sizing each other up, Samoa Joe landed the first real shot with a spinning high kick to Magnus' jaw. Magnus countered with a jumping high knee and a running elbow, but could only secure a two-count. Magnus was in control after multiple body slams, but the "Samoan Submission Machine" regained momentum with a painful ankle lock. Magnus narrowly escaped the submission hold, but later tried to put Samoa Joe in a "Figure Four" hold, which Joe countered with a rear naked choke in the middle of the ring. Seconds later, Magnus had no choice but to tap out instead of passing out.

The biggest grudge match in TNA history certainly lived up to the hype; so much so that a special enforcer referee had to be brought in to keep the crowd safe and the superstars in check. You already know the match: former Beer Money tag team partners Bobby Roode and James Storm squared off on the biggest stage in a fight over a year in the making. As expected, the street fight match didn't stay in the ring very long until the mayhem spilled out onto the arena floor. The "Cowboy" tried to line up an "Eye of the Storm" with the announcing booth as the landing zone, but Roode escaped and proceeded to beat Storm senseless with a chair until blood poured into his eyes. This "No Disqualifications" match bordered on the insane as both superstars exchanged brutal shots to the head with trash can lids, elbows, and even a TNA fan's crutch. The violent mayhem climaxed with a "Last Call Superkick" from Storm that left Roode reeling in a pile of tacks that he had sprinkled onto the ring surface moments earlier. Beer in hand, Storm basked in the glory of a much-deserved victory, but not before delivering one last beer bottle to the head of Roode.

Former "Gut Check" hopeful Joey Ryan finally got his shot to prove himself on TNA's biggest stage, but he had to face an angry TNA Talent Executive Al Snow, who was fed up with Ryan's antics. Snow certainly knows his way around the ring, which was evident by his old-school wrestling technique and poise even when Ryan went on the offensive. Snow thought the match was over after a massive pile driver and cover up, but Ryan showed some guts by kicking out and high-kicking the wily veteran. Ryan tried to kick slide Al Snow under the ropes, but Snow pulled out the ring curtain and trapped Ryan against the side of the bottom rope. With the match seemingly over, Al Snow was blindsided by Matt Morgan, who served up the executive to Joey Ryan for an easy pin and TNA contract.

TNA World Tag Team Champions Christopher Daniels and Kazarian faced challengers Chavo Guerrero, Jr., Hernandez, Kurt Angle and AJ Styles in a three team, six men "Triple Threat Match" with the title on the line. The taunting was in full swing before the entrance music even ended, but naturally the tag team champs immediately stepped out of the ring once the bell sounded to let their challengers mix it up. Guerrero and Styles kicked off the action with matching throws and multiple flying kicks. Hernandez effortlessly lifted Kazarian off the ground and dropped him on his shoulder, but partner Christopher Daniels came to his rescue. All the while Kurt Angle waited patiently, until finally getting tapped in by a beaten Styles. Angle unleashed slam after slam, even whipping out an ankle lock, until the massive match began spilling out into the crowd. Styles appeared to be squaring up an aerial shot on Guerrero, but diverted his course midair to take out both Daniels and Hernandez fighting ringside. Back in the ring, Guerrero tried to pull off a "Three Amigos," but was thwarted by Angle. A perfectly timed "Moonsault" by Daniels left Styles reeling, but Hernandez and Guerrero refused to let the match get away. Hernandez picked up Daniels and threw him across the ring like a soccer ball, and then Guerrero finished the job with a frog splash from the top rope and pin to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship.

TNA Knockout Champion Miss Tessmacher took on her former best friend and mentor Tara with the title on the line. After a quick stare down, Tessmacher unleashed a flurry of rolls and spins that she learned from Tara herself. Knockout referee Taryn Terrell tried to keep the match clean and fair, but with a title on the line, neither competitor was above a little hair pulling. Tessmacher showed off her aerial skills with a DDT and a flying kick from the top ropes; but she tried one too many high-risk moves. After a missed elbow from the corner, Tessmacher fell victim to Tara's signature "Widow's Peak." Totally immobilized, Tessmacher could only lie there while her mentor and former friend Tara covered up to win the TNA Knockout Championships.

After months of underhanded tactics and unchecked mayhem in the IMPACT Zone, the dreaded Aces and 8s motorcycle gang finally stepped into the ring against two of TNA's toughest superstars, the "Icon" Sting and Bully Ray. Just one day removed from his induction into the TNA Hall of Fame, Sting brought the crowd to its feet before the "No Disqualifications Match." Sporting a painted face inspired by one of Sting's past incarnations, Bully Ray wasted no time grabbing a piece of broken table from a previous match to use as a weapon against the gangsters. The attorney Joseph Park looked on helplessly from the sidelines, handcuffed to the iron crowd barrier. The Aces and 8s were more skilled inside the ring than expected, and were certainly not afraid to do whatever it takes to win. Bully Ray nearly ended the match with a chair shot, but a third member of Aces and 8s decided to crash the party. The lawyer Joseph Park had had enough: he ripped his handcuffs off and beat the rogue gangster out of the ring. With the match once again at even strength, Bully Ray held a gangster atop his shoulders while Sting flew from the top rope for an incredible slam. The TNA superstars proceeded to pull out a table as the final blow, but yet another Aces and 8s member surfaced to thwart their plans. Outnumbered again, Bully Ray found himself on the wrong end of that table slam, leading to a surprise pin by the gangsters. But the action was far from over: Hulk Hogan emerged a man possessed, fighting off gangsters left and right in a last-ditch effort to take control of the IMPACT Zone. In the evening's most shocking revelation, Hogan ripped off the final gangster's mask to reveal Bully Ray's former tag team partner Devon was behind the Aces and 8s all along!

Bound for Glory 2012 had already brought an unforgettable evening of action to TNA fans everywhere before the main event, but World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy redefined what championship wrestling could be. As winner of the second annual Bound for Glory Series, Hardy earned a title shot, but Aries would not go quietly and certainly showed no fear against the TNA veteran. Aries landed and two leg drop kick that may have knocked Hardy's front teeth into his own throat. As Hardy's signature face paint began to run down his face, the "Greatest Man that Ever Lived" Aries lounged peacefully on the top ropes, mocking the "Charismatic Enigma." Two missed aerial assaults from Hardy left him vulnerable to a "Backbreaker" from Aries. The crowd reached fever pitch as half the arena chanted "Let's go Aries" while the other half cheered for Hardy. Aries tried a corkscrew from the side ropes but missed. Hardy countered with one of Aries' favorite moves, the "Brainbuster," but it wasn't enough to put away the champ for good. After endless slams and counters, the match bled out into the crowd, with Aries taking not one but two suicide dives through the ropes into Hardy as referee Brian Hebner counted. Bruised and beaten, Hardy took another series of shots on the entrance ramp, culminating with a painful shot to the back of the head. Despite receiving a "Twist of Fate," Aries pulled off what had to be the move of the entire night: a corkscrew ankle grab to Hardy's neck, ending with a throw from the corner rope. Totally immobilized, Hardy felt the pain of yet another "Brainbuster," but somehow managed to kick out of the pin. Hardy ripped off his shirt and pumped up the crowd, setting up a spectacular "Twist of Fate" that Aries couldn't come back from. Three seconds later, Jeff Hardy had completed his road to redemption, taking the ultimate prize on the ultimate stage. Congratulations Jeff Hardy, on your TNA World Heavyweight Championship victory at Bound for Glory!

Catch the replay of TNA Wrestling's "Bound For Glory" all month long on your Pay-Per-View provider, or watch it online this week around the world at! New World Champions were crowned, The Aces & 8s shocked the wrestling world and so much more.